Kris August

Celebrating the Interconnectedness of Life

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day

On this day dedicated to giving thanks, we are reminded that a daily practice of gratitude helps to give perspective. Researchers have found that simply asking the question “What am I grateful for?” can improve our wellbeing and mental health. Small expressions of gratitude can make us feel just as good as grand ones.
Everyone’s experience is different, but for all of us the sun does continue to rise every day and circumstances are always changing. Change is not something to fear. The Buddhist idea of impermanence can actually be a comfort. We know that our
wonderful moments will not last forever; it is a reminder to live fully. The horrible moments will not last forever either, and knowing that gives us the strength to ride it out.
Giving thanks is a way of increasing our awareness of the world around us. I am thankful for running water and a roof over my head, the support of family and friends, and a little patch of earth where I can watch things grow and enjoy the wildlife. I am also thankful for the opportunity to consider the experiences of others across the world. In this global community, we hear stories and see videos from all over. It is through this connection and awareness that we can support positive change.
What are you grateful for?