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Celebrating the Interconnectedness of Life

Spiral Around

East - The cycles of nature carry us through sunrise in the early morning and springtime, a time of inspiration, birth and sprouting.

Southeast - Morning and later in the spring is a time of momentum and rapid growth, getting moving.

South - This inspiration and momentum moves us into summer or midday, which represents the time of focused work and accomplishment.

Southwest - Once that work is done, or when it is time for a break, in the early fall or mid-afternoon, rest time is there to remind us to slow down, to recover, and heal.

West - Autumn colors match the colors of the sun setting, bringing us together in community for harvest and stories of the day.

Northwest - Early winter, after dusk is a quiet time for reflection, remembrance, and honoring.

North - Deep winter, midnight is a time for sleeping, dreaming, looking at the big picture and making plans for the future.

Northeast - And then there is that magical time before dawn, early spring when seeds are just germinating. This is a time of creativity and pondering, meditation and awareness which brings us back around to the rising sun.
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It is a simple concept, a metaphor that is present all around us every day to remind us that life is made of changes, nothing stays the same and every day, every year, we are given the opportunity to flow through and revisit each point on the wheel. This is living in a different kind of balance. It is not a teeter totter trying to stay level, it is a flowing circle, spiraling around, full of second chances and opportunities for growth.


For a more detailed description of the natural cycle, here is an article I wrote for the journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association:
Self-Care Through the Cycles of Nature

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