Kris August

Celebrating the Interconnectedness of Life


I have such gratitude for my students. Here are some of the lovely things they have said about the Self-Care Through the Cycles of Nature course over the years:

The cycles of nature self care class helped me tune into what is going on around me and better understand what helps my body and mind deal with life and practice. I have thought that the best way to "self -care" was to have spa days or go on vacation. Those are great but I now realize that those things also are another thing to plan for and put on my calendar which is already kind of crammed. I found that looking at the season and what nature is doing and spending time outside helps me better relax and calm my mind…Each month I looked forward to opening the package for that month and trying a new tea and spending time learning about the next season. Overall, I loved the experience.
I really enjoyed sharing experiences and thoughts with others in the veterinary field. This course helped me look deeper into my personal experiences and how to understand how to take better care of myself. The packages were such fun to look forward to opening each month. Kris is such a serene and loving person. Her sincerity and caring is real!
As veterinary professionals we are smart enough to know that we under-serve ourselves. That self-care is an important part or our well-being. This course, and Kris August who leads it, provides a good motivation to jumpstart us in the right direction. You have the option to go "all in" or just get your feet wet or anything in between. No judgement. Just gentle guidance. The information presented was simple to understand but very deep in its meaning and implications. Well-worth the investment - time, money, etc.
Kris is the mentor everyone needs - calm, understanding, knowledgeable and open.
The Self Care through the Cycles of Nature was an interesting look at why we need what we do as humans/creatures of nature. It was thought provoking and, like all the classes I've taken at Purple Moon worth the time and financial investment.
I really enjoyed the course! Spending the year working through the seasons was a great way to tune into the natural world, as well as reflect on normal fluctuations in our own energy and motivation levels throughout the year.