Kris August

Celebrating the Interconnectedness of Life


Upcoming online and short e-courses are planned around topics of self-care and deepening nature connection. While the original courses were created for veterinary professionals and team-based self-care, these topics are relevant to anyone who finds peace and joy in exploring nature.
More classes will be coming soon!

Self-Care Through the Cycles of Nature
This is a 9-month course starting September 1 and carrying around the year through May. We explore different aspects of self-care bringing in connections with the human life-cycle and the cycles around us in nature through plants, animals, and the seasons. We focus on adding small habits to create our own personal habitat for living our lives more fully through increasing awareness and letting go of what is not serving us.

Small Group and One-One Offerings:
I love working with small enthusiastic groups and individuals. Contact me to discuss creating a personalized course for you or your group.
Topics I have taught in the past include:
  • Team building and Community building through the natural cycles
  • Personal self-care through the natural cycles

Future seasonal courses:
Spring - Inspirations of Spring
Summer - Nature Journaling
Fall - Letting go
Winter - Planning Through the Seasons