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Nature Journaling and Self-Care

This weekend, I attended the online Nature Journal Educator Workshop put on by Wild Wonder founded by John Muir Laws, a skilled nature educator, author, and amazing artist.
Most of the attendees are educators for children, trying to find ways to bring children out into nature, to spark interest and observation skills while providing an avenue for early science education and environmental awareness. This is how I started nature journaling when my children were young. It was a fun way to observe weather patterns and changes through the seasons and gave us captivating stories about what the animals were doing outside and what plants were growing. From my own experiences, I realized that nature journaling was also a great way to bring adults back outside!
The topics at this conference ranged from brain development, building awareness and curiosity, to giving positive, supportive feedback. Something that I really love about this kind of teaching is the use of curiosity to engage interest. When you are curious, you become less anxious. It actually releases dopamine and makes you feel happier! What a great pathway for self-care.
Observing nature is a simple way to increase mindfulness overall and enriches our daily lives. Nature journaling takes it one step further by engaging our attention and requiring us to describe back what we see through words and pictures. The quality of the artwork is not what is important; the questions and curiosity that journaling draws forth are the goals. This is what pulls us into a deeper understanding. Curiosity drives interest, motivates us, and can bring some of the best innovations in all aspects of life.
John Muir Laws shared the following quote:
“The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka’ but ‘That’s funny . . .’”
-       Isaac Asimov – science fiction author and biochemistry professor
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