Kris August

Celebrating the Interconnectedness of Life

Energy Management

Time management has been touted as the big key to productivity for years, and I won’t argue with that, it is important. As a procrastinator myself who struggles with the perfectionism of doing a thing “just right” or not doing it at all, time is a blessing and a curse.
What if, along with counting the hours in your day, you also consider your energy levels throughout the day? When are you most clear and focused? When is a better time for quiet activities that are necessary but require less energy? What do you need to be more sustainably productive, to avoid burning out that enthusiastic energy that comes at the start of a project?
What would you rather be doing with your time? How can you do more of that so you can recharge your energy for the needed tasks of work? Putting as much value on resting and recharging as you do on “productive” work can actually increase productivity and bring better life balance.
Living with the natural cycles, circadian rhythms and regular patterns through the day and the year, is a way of managing or
following our energy levels to be the most productive, but also to live in a more balanced peaceful way.

Spend a year with us exploring the cycles of nature and learn how they can help re-energize your life.

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