Kris August

Celebrating the Interconnectedness of Life

Welcome New Year!


It is exciting to move into a new year that is fresh and clean and full of possibilities. What tracks do you want to make in the sand in the coming year?

I like to approach the New Year with gentle positive intentions rather than rigid or restrictive Resolutions that are hard to keep. It feels more supportive and stays with me longer to have a positive focus or a single word that inspires me. 

The word Curiosity has been with me for the last few years as I learn to navigate a new phase in life. It has helped me to stay open to possibilities and to find ways to thrive in my own way.

Self-improvement is a lifelong project that requires kindness and compassion at least as much as commitment.

What lessons did you learn in 2023? What would you like to see in your future? What are you curious about? 

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